CarbonPRO START is formulated for the unique needs of professional specialty crops growers.  CarbonPRO START speeds up the vegetative cycle and maturity time on plant life cycle.  Research found that using CarbonPRO START shortens the life cycle up to 20%, resulting in an additional crop annually over plants grown without CabonPRO STARTCarbonPRO START increases the efficiency of both organic and inorganic fertilizers saving time and money on additional inputs.  When incorporated in to soil, the mycorrhizal spores rapidly colonize plant roots allowing them to explore more area of soil to mine available nutrients.  This expanded root system also increases soil porosity. Nutrients become readily available through the unique Carbon Link™ Technology that engages the work of the beneficial microbes to increase nutrient movement, which sparks strong and rapid root growth, vegetation and most importantly, improved crop quality and yields.  Research indicates that the specialty plant gets kick started from the moment it touches the soil amended with CarbonPRO START and the plant continues to thrive throughout it’s entire lifecycle.  When introduced to the soil, this combination of microbes and fungal spores colonize in a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots feeding off the secretion of simple sugars from the root hypha while secreting byproducts beneficial to the plant.


Inclusion rates are based on 8lbs/CY.

Available in One and Fifty Pound Bags.


CarbonPRO START Application Rate Card

CarbonPro START Label-1 Pound Bag

CarbonPRO START Technical Sheet