CarbonPRO Fix natural soil amendment is a unique biotic soil particle that has been developed to improve carbon in soil and to support soil function. CarbonPRO Fix provides important soil microbes and mycorrhizae that increase a plants ability to grow and thrive.  Carbon is an important component of soil and aids in moisture and nutrient retention.

CarbonPRO Fix natural soil amendment contains Streptomyces lydicus. This soil borne microbe grows around the roots and foliage, feeding off plant waste materials while at the same time producing beneficial metabolites that aid in plant development.  CarbonPRO Fix also provides organic carbon in the form of biochar that helps soils retain moisture and nutrients.   This unique combination improves the ability of soils to support plant growth, by utilizing organics and soil borne microorganisms that are found in the biological environment of natural soils.


Inclusion rates are based on 4lbs/CY.

Available in One Pound Bags.


CarbonPRO Fix Application Rate Card

CarbonPRO Fix Label 1 Pound

CarbonPro FIX Technical Sheet